About me

To cut a long story short…

Italy-mad girl meets Italy-mad guy, they fall in love.  They spend over a year looking around Lake Como and the Valtellina for a house where they can live after they’re married.  Northern Italy was too expensive.  They stumble upon Abruzzo, have a house built and get married there.  After a few ups and downs they are still living in the UK, but go out to their house in Abruzzo when they can. A few years on and they have two gorgeous little boys to share their Italian adventures with.  That’s us.  Piacere! (Pleased to meet you!)


About me:

I am like a one-woman tourism promoter for Abruzzo and Italy!  I love books, art, cooking, films, gardening, interior design, music, walking/hiking, make-up, hair and fashion.  I am married with two little boys (one nearly 2 and the other nearly 6). I have 2 dogs and a cat.


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