the best way to groom the dog with wavy hair – tips

The double coat like husky shed every change of the season; in contrast, the special of the dog with wavy hair is they do not shed. So a dog with wavy hair is the best choice for people who suffer from allergies and the one don’t want to use the vacuum twice a day because their dog continuously shed. However to remain their coat, keep them health, grooming is essential for the dog.


Your dog needs to be well prepared

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Okay now remember curly and wavy dog’s coat requires a lot of work to remain the coat. When we deal with this type of coat, we actually have to deal with a lot of mats, knots, and tangles. To keep your dog coat clean and healthy, you should brush it regularly; spend about 15 minutes for brushing every day will keep the dog’s coat in good condition.

You should brush your dog as early as possible. The appropriate time to begin with a puppy is about 8 or 9 weeks old, right the time the puppy arrive at your home. At that age, the dog will easily accept and get used to it. Besides, it will make the bound between you and your puppy. The bound might be very important since it will pave the way for you to train your dog later.

To do the brushing, you will need a slicker brush and a comb. You can find two of these tools available in every shop. Conditioning spray is not obligatory, however, spray it on your lovely dog will much more reduce the breakage as this type of coat as it has a tendency to become dry.

You had better brush firmly and gentle as you don’t want your dog feels discomfort and have skin irritation. While do the brushing, you should make sure that you brush down the skin and remove all that hair and mats. One of your hands should hold all the hair (usually left hand). On the other, take the slicker brush and gently brush down.

Pay attention to the ears, legs, tail, and back end since it is tangle easily. You will need to move back that area to make sure that all the mats are completed.

We can use the comb to check if any knot is left, when the comb stops, it means there is a knot right there and we should re-brush that area. If we try to pull the comb, it will be painful for the dog, and believe me, they are not happy with that.


Thank to brushing, grooming your dog now easier

After you are satisfied with your brushing work, you can begin to clip the dog’s coat, be careful with this type of coat, you better find the right dog clippers for double coat,  but do not hurry, in case your dog seem to be tired, let them relax for a while before you go on the grooming. has some fun and unusual tricks that you can teach your dog.

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