An Abruzzo Doggy Story

We British are a nation of dog lovers, so when travelling it is sometimes hard to witness how dogs are treated in other countries.  Whilst dogs are treated as ‘proper’ pets in most Italian cities and towns, i.e. washed, cared for, fed regularly, collars on necks, walked regularly and loved, it is often not the case in rural parts of Italy.  Over the years we have had to get used to seeing dogs chained up, malnourished, or let loose to roam far from their homes and looking quite manky.  They wag their tails when they see you, but when you get close enough to stroke them, they either cower or bare their teeth.  It is heartbreaking.

I wanted to write a post on a lovely doggy story though.  On our summer holiday, we spotted a new dog hanging around our land.  By day three, the dog had grown more confident and was sniffing around our driveway.  With trepidation, my husband and I went to check the dog out (we wouldn’t let our children outside near any dog that can’t be trusted).  With relief, the dog came bounding up to us, tail wagging and smiling (in my mind, they sometimes smile).  This dog was a cutie, but who did she belong to?


We eventually discovered she belonged to one of our young neighbours. He had gone to work one day and spotted a puppy who had been abandoned by the side of the autostrada, so he took her in and named her ‘Baionetta’ (bayonet).  He said it broke his heart that anyone could do such a thing and he couldn’t leave her.  What a sweetheart.


She hung out with us a little bit every day and I was sad to leave her behind.

I’m glad this super, affectionate dog had a happy ending.


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