A Six Year Old’s Thoughts on Abruzzo

My six year old son loves reading and writing.  He has always shown an interest in my blog and writes up his own thoughts and stories.  He asked me if he could write a post on Abruzzo, so I suggested he write what he thinks and feels about this lovely part of Italy.  I asked him some questions and here are his unedited replies.

Q: What is the first thought/feeling that pops into your head when you think of Abruzzo?

A: It’s always sunny and blue skies.  Our Italian house is yellow and we have lots of space there. I feel happy.  People are nice.  I have adventures.

Q:  What is your favourite food to eat in Italy?

A:  My favourite food is strawberry ice-cream.  I love tuna pizza and I love visiting Val [at Bar Ottavio, Pretoro] for her chips. Mummy is laughing at my answer!

Q:  One of your best friends, Molly, is coming on holiday with us this year.  What do you think she will like on this trip?

A:  I can’t wait to show Molly my Italian house, the waterfalls in Switzerland, the mountains, the icecream and Ladyhawke’s castle.  Oh and the pass at the top of Switzerland [the San Gottard pass], but it is cold sometimes when we are there.  I do like it though.


Q:  What is your perfect day in Abruzzo?

A:  My perfect day is breakfast at Maria’s [Bar della Poste, Pretoro] because she bakes lots of really good cakes and other stuff. She gives me bread.  Then, we can go to our house so Molly can look around.  We can go to Ladyhawke’s castle because I like history and castles.  We will have ice-cream.  We can have lunch at Val’s because we haven’t seen her for ages and I like her chips.  In the afternoon, we would go to Guardiagrele to the park with Molly of course.  We can go to the park in our village too.  For dinner in our house, we can have risotto.  After dinner we could have a very small water fight because up the road is where the fountain is.


Q:  How does Abruzzo make you feel?

A:  I feel relaxable and excited about everything.  I love it.  The wildlife is nice.  We have a wild boar that lives in our garden.  Mummy calls him Bertie.  I miss our house when we leave.

Well there you have it folks.  From the thoughts of a 6 year old.  Food other than ice-cream and chips are also available…..

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