Rocca Calascio: Ladyhawke Castle

Day 11 of my diary from our Summer Holiday

Breakfast at Val’s (Bar Ottavio).  Off to try and walk up to Ladyhawke Castle again today, in the hopes that it is quieter…..

We made it!  Absolutely breathtaking.  We drove past the town in Rocca Calascio and parked as closely as we could because of the children.  It still meant a fair walk and a lot of ancient, steep stairs, rocky paths and rocks to climb up and over.

Rocca Calascio is in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park in the province of L’Aquila.  The ‘Ladyhawke castle’ (called so affectionately because it features in the film Ladyhawke) is actually a fortress.  The fortress is the highest fortress in the Appenines at an elevation of 1,460 metres.

The abandoned medieval parts of the town that still remain above the newer part of the town are beautiful.  There is something to discover on every corner.


Squidge was carried on W’s shoulders and I helped Padawan along the trickier paths.  I would say you definitely need proper hiking boots, or at least very good quality trainers for this trip. The boys were both very good, considering they had just turned 2 and 6 on this holiday.

Although it was fairly busy, no part was too crowded and we could take in the views and stop and admire the scenery when we wished.  It was lovely to see people of all ages out enjoying a walk.

I think Ladyhawke Castle is one of the most photogenic places I have been to in Abruzzo (along with Pacentro and Caramanico Terme).  All of these photographs were taken on my iphone, so you can imagine the images you would get from a decent camera.

As you reach the castle, on one side you look down from the mountains to the valley and it is quite agricultural, a sort of pretty patchwork quilt of fields of gold and green.  However, when you walk across to the other side there is a real bleakness to the beauty of the Gran Sasso park.  I imagine it to be absolutely stunning at twilight.

Padawan thought the fortress was amazing and loved the mountains and park.  He took in a couple of photographs to school for ‘show and tell’ and still talks about Rocca Calascio and asks when we can return.

imagejpg12_zps7c31a1df 9ad91af2-6301-44dc-96ce-45d313165f45_zps0d709e9b

I can see why Hollywood wanted to capture this raw beauty in a fantasy film and I feel very lucky to have visited such a wonderful part of Italy.  We hope to return this Summer with our friends who are joining us on our holiday.

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